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Construction of the industrial shed

Construction of the industrial shed

The construction of industrial shed is usually done by considering the foundation of a single pile structure and connected by ties. In some cases to avoid rotting the column, concrete columns are used on the foundation. Direct exposure of atmospheric agents and decay risk requires the implementation of stainless steel in these structures. The ceiling covering is generally made up of galvanized roller sheets with a coating made of wood glass. Column panel joints are generally articulated coupling. Covering the roof and the body of the industrial shed with sandwich panel and other covering materials of the industrial shed are the main stages of work, which are divided into two sections, cover the ceiling of the industrial shed and cover the body of the industrial shed.

Types of the industrial shed

Construction of the industrial shed is done according to the needs of the building and can be applied for different design and construction according to different applications of building industrial shed. Hence, in the further discussion, we will introduce more types of the industrial shed.

Construction of aviculture industrial shed

For the construction of broiler chickens and laying hens breeding workshops (farms), with different capacities and with the employers’ orders, throughout Iran makes the construction of a aviculture industrial shed. These industrial sheds are designed according to the needs of the aviculture centers, with lower altitudes and more arches, and the stages of construction are based on technical and engineering principles. The construction of the metal frame construction of these industrial sheds varies based on the surface area and volume of the activity and is dependent on the order of the employer.

Construction of industrial shed

The construction of industrial shed with the aim of setting up industrial units is done according to the climatic conditions of the area and according to the application of design and material type will be different. These industrial sheds are built for the needs of industrial and manufacturing and industrial factories, and all stages of their construction are based on engineering principles and have an engineering plan that the employers must meet their needs according to it.

Construction of sport industrial sheds

The construction of sport industrial shed niches is considered as one of the most important parts of the Construction of industrial shed. Sport industrial sheds can be designed for specific applications. It’s not bad to know that sport industrial sheds are generally multi-user sport halls that are built in cities. These sport industrial sheds must be built to meet specific standards and be built based on the technical and engineering principles. Hence, the need for technical knowledge and having the necessary tools can be considered as one of the basic needs for building industrial shed.

Construction of production and workshop industrial sheds

The factories and garages are generally built in the industrial estates and outside the city. Generally, industrial shed is used to build industrial production workshops. These industrial sheds can be secondhand or new industrial shed. Therefore, in proportion to the surface area of the building, there is a need for specific engineering knowledge that can be used to achieve the demands of the employer. Construction of industrial shed is considered as the first step in the start-up of manufacturing activities, and using these structures, it is possible to start a low-cost economic activity. The building of a metal frame construction is also common for construction section of workshops, but it has not gained popularity of the industrial shed because the industrial shed has less production costs.

Construction of the new industrial sheds with ubm, kspan

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, traditional and old methods do not meet current needs because competition in the two fields is very high in the price and construction speed and they are very important. For this reason, the methods of constructions of industrial sheds have already been changed and are being used by devices such as UBM and KSPAN that increase construction speed by at least five times, and the finished cost of industrial shed construction decrease to at least 50 percent. The structures are earthquake-proof because they are very light and resistant to wind speeds of more than 120 km / h. Also, due to multiple grooves on its surface, the air flow acts as an insulating coating. Of course, in very cold areas, such as Siberia or very hot areas, polyurethane coatings can be used to further insulate. These structures can be applied on a light foundation. They also do not need welding.

Important factors in the roof and the body cover of the industrial shed

  • Installation speed (saving scheduling program, employee’s wage cost, overhead cost of materials, waste cost of materials)
  • Cost price (reduction of cost price, which reduces the total cost of the project)
  • Thermal insulation (causes return of the investment due to saving and avoiding from energy waste)
  • Sound insulation (due to the production of unwanted noise in production lines and other industrial activities and the health and environmental adverse impacts on the external environment of the industrial shed and the requirements for obtaining international environmental standard certificates for the export of products)
  • Type of uses of the industrial shed and the legal requirements for the use of a particular coating (food industry, plastic industry, warehouse, heavy industry, cold storage and other uses)
  • Easy repair (in the case of damage part of the cover, for whatever reason, repairing it quickly, cheaply and without damaging the lateral parts)
  • The beauty of the exterior and interior facade (the even cover, in terms of the type of use of the industrial shed, have a decorative capability to provide an eye-catching work environment)
  • Resistance to decay, corrosion and moisture (due to the presence of some structures in atmospheric or work conditions, and the effect of natural and abnormal corrosive effects should have high resistance so that the structure does not suffer from early erosion)
  • Ease of installation and reuse functionality (if necessary, demounting and changing the location or use of the industrial shed with the least waste and usable in another structure)
  • The low weight of the industrial shed (which reduces the forces of the dead weight on the frame skeleton and foundation of the industrial shed and increases the ability of structures withstand in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes and abnormal events such as explosions

To cover the interior and exterior body and the ceiling of the industrial shed, it can be used various coating materials such as: sandwich panels of galvanized polyurethane or 3D aluzinc, polystyrene meshed panels, brick, stone, tile, ceramic, mosaic, asbestos sheets, cement sheets, cementitious sheets, cementitious block, Siporex blocks of wool, prefabricated cementitious and concrete panels, aluminum sheets concrete and other materials. Among the above materials, the polyurethane sandwich panel has the most advantageous work and almost covers all of our requirements from a convenient and efficient coating.

Construction of metal frame structure in the factory

At this stage, the construction of a skeleton of industrial shed, including a weld metal structure or a bolted metal structure, based on a plan approved by a high quality sheet and iron and designed by structural engineer, begins at the indoor covered halls of the factory. In the construction of the skeleton of the industrial shed, material and the welding devices (electrode welding machine, flux cored arc welding machine, Submerged arc welding machine, gate automatic welding machine) and cutting (Oxy-fuel cutting machine, scissors, guillotine, drill, milling, etc.) are important in determining the quality and Life span is niches

The higher the welding machines are, the more advanced, or preferably the automatic welding, and the electrodes and wires of wires are from standard and reliable brands, the quality of the joints is higher and the structure is therefore more robust. The use of non-destructive tests such as RT and assay welding tests are acceptable on the quality of welding sections. After the above step, the skeleton of the nave for the sandblast and the paintwork is transferred to the paint room, using a high quality paint and standard and automatic painting machines, all levels of the skeleton with high precision and standard color thickness (micron content approved QC quality control ) Paint and after drying the paint, the skeleton is ready to be loaded and shipped to the construction site.

Simultaneously with the construction of the skeleton in the factory, the stages of preparation, placement, foundation and foundation are being prepared at the project site in order to prepare the skeleton. At this stage, the concrete and special foundation for installing machinery in the niches is also done according to the cobra niches. Also, if there is a need for the continuous transport of any transport machinery such as forklift trucks and trailers, the initial and bottom flooring should be fitted to the weight of these machines.


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